The Chaos Ladder: When Inspiration is Fully Unleashed – Episode 9

The Chaos Ladder is a podcast by Steve Flowers that explores how the Bible is not a gaping pit waiting to swallow us but a ladder for us to climb.

Episode 9 (Part 3 of answering “What makes the Bible inspired?”) — The first two answers (ancient believers’ reframing of scripture and Jesus as the greatest revelation of God) are traits of the Bible that create a trajectory which Christians are to further. Scripture has been reframed by Christianity over its history. We reframe scripture today when we look at it through the lens of Jesus in a new or different way to change the focus or perspective of what scripture has to say in light of our own experiences of God. This continues the trajectory created by the Bible’s own reinterpretations and Jesus’ re-centering of scripture to more fully reveal who God is and what God desires.

TCL e09 – When inspiration is fully unleashed – essay transcript