The Jesus Criterion #4 – That’s a wrap!

by Steve Flowers

Most of us tend to pay little or no attention at the end of a movie when the closing credits begin to roll (unless it’s a Marvel superhero movie and we want our added scene). In fact, many people start to leave the theater as soon as they start. But have you ever stayed, read through all of the credits, and then wondered what some of those positions were?

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Stories From A Village Podcast: I love Jesus but I cuss a little

In this episode of Stories from a Village, Ivy talks with Sonya about faith, art, politics, and self-acceptance. Sonya grew up in West Virginia and learned early-on that being a good Christian meant not doing bad things like smoking, swearing, or watching R-rated movies. Today, she’s a Christian who cusses a little (and sometimes maybe a lot) but she knows that God loves her just the way she is. You can find examples of her art at

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Dancing with Scripture

by Dominic Mejia

At some point in my life, I learned to dance with scripture— a give and take, a waltz in and around one another, moving forward and backward. I laugh and I cry and the text does too.

I’m not much of a dancer. For a long time, I was scared to ask the questions, I was scared to enter into the conversation. My moves were awkward and I feared what would happen if I overstepped. The dark words on the white page are to be feared, we’re told. If you don’t take them seriously enough they’ll bite you.

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The Jesus Criterion #2 – Inspiration (the Bible kind)

by Steve Flowers

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We believe that the Bible is a beautiful, God-inspired, complex, and challenging book.

From the “We Believe” statement on Stone Village Church’s web site (emphasis added)

Let’s say your favorite translation of the Bible is being re-published and you have been solicited to join a focus group regarding the new edition. You agree to participate in the focus group and thereafter you are sent of list of potential updated titles to be printed on the front of the Bible. The list includes the following:

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The Jesus Criterion #1 – Introduction

by Steve Flowers

God is the savior—known boldly and intimately in Jesus’ life, which shows us how to live and love.

From the “We Believe” statement on Stone Village Church’s web site

I have never forgotten what the shop manager told me several years ago after my vehicle had an oil change and was checked for routine maintenance. He reviewed the results of the check and highlighted that I would need new tires soon. That was not news, as I knew the life of the original tires was near an end. What left an impression on me was how he phrased the importance of tires. His talk went something like this:  Continue reading “The Jesus Criterion #1 – Introduction”