A Brighter Path #6: Four Other Forks To Avoid

By Steve Flowers

Some years back, a popular Christian movement centered on the acronym WWJD, asking, “What would Jesus do?”  It is a great question that evokes the centrality of Jesus. The question implies that our discipleship journey today should reflect Jesus’ actions in the Gospels.  I would love to see it make a sweeping return in a thoughtful manner but I would call it WYRTGWPDEPOJ (yeah, I know, my branding needs work).  Because I think the better question is asking, “When you read the Gospels, what portrait does each paint of Jesus?”  Asking that is a great litmus test to expose beliefs of successful-based communities, those practices not found in the Gospels which hinder and undermine bringing about the “kingdom of God” on earth that Jesus came to establish.

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